Centre of Excellence

Courses Offered:

Advanced Bioinformatics:
(Cell & Molecular Biology, Chemo Pharma and Toxico-Informatics, UNIX, C, Oracle, XML, CGI, PERL and BioPerl, Java, JSP, HTML, Pytgib, Mathematics, Biostatistics, SAS)

Protein Modeling & Rational Drug Design: 
Bio, Chem & Pharma Informatics, Homology Modelling,Protein structure optimisation,Structure, Legand & Pharmacophore Based Drug Design, QSAR Studies

ELIGIBILITY: Ph.D., M.Pharma, B. Pharma, M.Sc., MVSc., MBBS, BVSC,BDS, Agri. B.Sc., BE, B.Tech.

  • GVK BIO is a Contract Research Organization offering services in Bio & Cheminformatics, Medicinal & Process Chemistry, Clinical R&D, Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU) and Biology (
  • GVK BIO has contracts with leading pharma and biotech companies of US, Europe, Japan and India, spanning the entire drug discovery pipeline.
  • More than 300 bioCampus students are currently working in Informatics Division GVK BIO.
  • Industry standard software from Accelrys Insight II, Cerius2, Catalyst, CGC): Schrodinger (Glide, Liaison, Prime Macromodel, Jaguar, Qprot), ( GOLD AMBER, Auto Dock, MOE, CSD, SAS Software etc,

GVK Bio sciences Private Limited
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