Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd

Juniper Networks transforms the business of networking. And with it, the way the world communicates and shares information. A leading  global provider of networking and security solutions, Juniper Networks maintains an intense focus on customers who derive strategic value from their networks. Juniper's customer include major network operators, enterprises, government agencies and research and educational institutions globally. Juniper Networks delivers a portfolio of networking solutions that support the complex scale, security and performance of the world's most demanding mission critical networks, including the world's top 25 service providers and 8 of the top 15 Fortune 500 companies. Juniper Networks has over 2700 employees worldwide and transacts business in over 70 countries.

Address: Juniper NETWORKS India Pvt. Ltd.,
# 1, Adarsg Opus, 2nd Floor, 
              Campbell Road,
              Austin Town, 
              Bangalore - 560047
              E-mail : future@
juniper. net