Pharamacia corporation is a US multinational major which is ranked 11th amongst the global pharamaceutical companies. It also happens to be the most dynamic and fast growing pharmaceutical company whose annual investment in research and development alone exceeds USD $ 2 billion.

We at Pharmacia are driven by the uniquely compelling vision of delivering the "Best-Managed performance for our shareowners". Our succes is founded on our commitment to what we call the Best-Managed Behaviours. People policies and practices at Pharamacia are all about attracing, developing and retaining talent who, working in teams as part of a global organization contribute to building the Best-Managed Company.

Pharamacia India markets pharmaceuticals in the areas of Cardiovasculars, Female health care. Oncology. Endocrinology. Anti-infectives and Opthalmology.

Pharmacia has embarked upon a rapid growth plan in India and has very recently made significient strides in market penetration through acquisition.

Address: Pharmacia India
              Jakkasandra Village,
              Nelamangala Taluka,