Bollywood joins NET Revolution 

Bollywood Joins Net revolution

Net culture is the latest fad in Bollywood with actors, producers and directors, all getting hooked on to it. Dormant film producers and directors, some of whom had never operated a computer a few years ago, are exchanging story-ideas on the Net with techno-savvy stars, while ingenious music directors have opened up hitherto unthinkable avenues of recording songs on the Net. The ones who are thoroughly bowled over are stars, for whom the Net has become an indispensable means of reaching out to millions of their fans. From Jacke Shroff who was the pioneering name in the Net revolution to Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat and the likes, every star has either lauched his own website or is in the process of doing so. Cyber-savvy sameera Reddy recently tied up with Internet giant, to launch her own website. Says Sameera, “I consider the Net the easiest mode of reaching out to my fans around the world. That’s why I decided to launch my website in a really big way. Hopefully, it should be up and running.” Interestingly, Sameera is known to be a gizmo freak. “I was always Internet savvy from my college days when I would carry my laptop to college but the decision to have website is a recent one,” she avers.

Sameera’s decision is timely considering the tremendous feedback that some other stars, like Mallika Sherawat, are getting for their recently launched websites. Says Nitin Sethi, managing partner of, the company that made Mallika’s website and is also managing it, “It was a strategic decision on Mallika’s part and one that has paid back enormously. The feedback from her fans is truly amazing.” Sethi currently has five other celebrities who are in the process of tying up with his company for their websites. This is besides the 40 odd films for which he has designed websites.

Stars like Jackie Shroff woke up to the importance of Internet more than a decade ago. Says Jackie, “I may sound a bit boastful but I was the one who pioneered the Internet revolution when I launched my website 12 years ago. The Internet was in its very early stages and industry was oblivious to it. I got a great response from my US based fans.” He is now in the process of starting new webpage, which will go live in January 2007.

“I am experimenting with the Net all the time,” he says.

There are others like music directors, Shameeron Tandon, for whom the Internet has become the medium to record music from one corner of the world to another. Tandon recalls how the music industry was abuzz with excitement when he recorded the famous Huzur-e-allah number for Page Three on the Net. “Ashaji was in the US and director Madhur Bandarkar had already fixed the release date of his film. I was adamant about Ashaji rendering the song and come up with the idea of recording it over the Net; I sent the composition through an FTP server, which Ashaji opened. She recorded the song in a studio exactly as I had composed it and sent it back to me,” he recalls. Says Tandon, “The Internet had thrown open great possibilities to us provided we know how best to use them. The day won’t be long when people ideate, plan and execute entire projects on the net. That will be the truly happening day for the industry.”