Etiquette Schools lure youngsters with confidence-building courses 

Etiquette Schools lure youngsters with confidence-building courses.

The growing corporate culture and the need to look well-groomed at all times, has resulted in a number of etiquette schools mushrooming in the capital.

Open to people of all age groups from children to young adults, these schools offer short-term courses in personality and etiquette development with the aim to build confidence and self-esteem through communication.

Experts believe that going to an etiquette school is not about having tea in style, but “behaving correctly” in everyday transactions with common people. It is about enriching your vocabulary with words like “excuse me” and “sorry”.

The way of talking and walking to the style of dressing, the syllabus is framed under various sub-heads like mannerism, chivalry and soft skills, meant for people in the corporate and hospitality sector to would-be-brides and housewives.

Pria Qarrick, former miss India-America and executive director, Warrick Finishing School, who is into the imaging-building business for the last 15 years has no grudges against spaghetti traps and bare-dare outfits, but she wants people to know how to dress for the occasion.

“There is nothing repulsive about figure flaunting, but the trick is to do it in a classy manner. This is what we teach here,” says Warrick. “The city will undergo a sea change if we all are well-mannered and cultured and people will stop fighting at traffic signals for small things,” she adds.

According to her, India has a rich history as far as chivalry and mannerisms are concerned. The mindless aping of the American culture has had a bad influence on youngster here. Though Pria says that there are certain things where one doesn’t compromise on like calling people by there first names, smoking in public, girls dressing like “cheap Madonna’s” and women sharing dirty jokes. And these schools have helped many who found themselves lacking in basic skills.

“During my interview with a multinational company, I was invited for lunch. Since my knowledge of table mannerisms was zero, the lunch turned out to be a disaster, but it was turning point of my life”, says Shalini Sengupta, manager corporate relations with an IT company. “ I joined personality development programme which enhanced my personal as well as professional life,” she adds.

The skills imparted include dining, art of cooking and presentation, ballroom dancing, Pronunciation, flower decoration, table and party manners and maintaining the right kind of wardrobe. Thus, women and lured saying, “Join as women and leave as women of substance”, men are also not forgotten.

“Gentleman Etiquette”, is a tailor-made course being offered. It includes the art sitting, body language, anger management and the use of the family support system. “Men should pull a chair and open the door for a lady”, says Warrick. And all this comes for a price. These institutes charge anywhere between Rs 45,000 to Rs 2 lakhs for a course. Most students take up jobs with hotels or embassies. The institute is also attached to 72 business and government houses.