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Germany's turn to look to cyber city

From our bureau Hyderabad January-22: After the US and UK. it is now Germany turn to look towards cyber city for qualified IT professionals and engineers.

And as part of its efforts to induct these professional, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) organized an orientation session on PG. studies and research in German universities at Ciefl on Tuesday. 

More than two hundred professionals attended the session as they were introduced to concepts of education in German universities. Hannelore Bossmann, the coordinator informed that higher education in Germany is paid for by the state exchequer and is absolutely free for Germans.

Indo-German collaboration is looking up in the fields of tools, industrial equipment, auto mobiles, chemicals and computer software she added. And Germany is looking at Indian Professionals to fill-up slots in the sector.

Courses in these sectors ---especially Phd programs are sponsored by industry and students 
have to do internship with industrial sectors in Germany top get their degree. There are two types of universities in Germany---research oriented in Applied Science, and those dealings with public administration there is academic freedom and students allowed to choose their subjects. There are three hundred universities offering around 9000 courses in Germany, Hannelore
said students can logon to websites like for details on courses offered.