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High demand for non IT jobs in US


From Our Business Bureau

Hyderabad, June 2: There is a high demand for immigrants in sectors like medicine, chefs, engineers, teachers, nurses among others in the United States, according to Joanne Trifilo Stark, Head Attorney of immigration services of sacks Tierney, USA.

Speaking at a seminar organized by Vensoft India in association with Hyderabad Software Exporters Associations, Stark said that, "There is a severse shortage of people on many non-IT sectors, where immigrants can fill vacancies," The prospects in other sectors are bright and decent, however, they do not match the pay packages in IT, she opined.

Some of the jobs require taking further certification, which is slowing the immigration growth in these sectors, she said.

The United States government is also working on expediting the processing of issuing visas and green cards to the immigrants. If a person is willing to pay an additional $1,000, the visa processing can be done in 15 days. However, additional money means quick response and need not be positive response, she said.