Mass Communication & Biotech in demand 

With the admission for the new academic year now open teenagers have given their verdict in favour of courses like media studies, advertising and biotechnology. The most popular courses among the youth are mass communication, psychology, advertising and foreign trade. Also, course like biotechnology and microbiology have witnessed a huge inflow of students.

Says a member of the administration board from MOP Vaihnav College, Chennai, “We have received more than 1,000 applications for the media studies course. Same goes with the applicants op ting for Biotechnology,” The demand in the job market is what’s making the youngsters choose these courses at Loyola Academy,” I opted for this course because of it’s huge potential in the job market. This degree will help me learn about my chosen field.

According to academicians biotechnology is also gaining in popularity and has become a lucrative option for students. These unconventional courses are becoming more popular than engineering. Says Shravan Praad, an academician working with Career solutions an educational counseling firm, “With new local an national news channels coming up and advertising agencies hiring advertising graduates these courses have become the next big thing among youngsters, Every second teenager coming fro counseling wants to become a journalist. Though the demand for regular BSc. Course has reduced, applicants are fighting for seats in courses like Biotechnology and microbiology.” The increase in the demand for graduates with degrees in specialized subjects is finally allowing teenagers to pursue the subjects they love and is giving them a chance to make a bright career too. Says Misha Khatri, 17 years – old, from Women’s College, Hyderabad. “I love biotechnology and want to do research in this field. And there is so much potential in this field that I don’t have to worry about my choice of career.”