Only you can Decide 

Today, one of the major challenges a teen faces is in making decision. Be it decisions about career or life in general. The reason being the presence of so many choices, but very little guidance. Inability to make decision accounts for being stuck in a pattern and may lead to frustration. In order to be an excellent decision maker, we have to first understand that it is the decisions that we take today, that will shape our lives tomorrow. If you start off at paths just five degrees apart, five years from now, you would be at radically different places, such is the power of making decisions.

Rememberů.A good decision now is better than a perfect decision later.

There is no right or wrong decision, the key to successful decision making is to take it after conscious analysis of all the data information available at that time, and understanding that it was the best you could do at that time. For example if you are contemplating  between choosing Computer Science and Bio-Technology, you can do a simple analysis of what are the career opportunities in both fields and which one you like more, and then just make a decision instead of struggling  with it forever.

Later, independent of the future of the two fields, you can always look back and say that it was the best one I could take at the time.

Decision making is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it grows. So use it often.

Success is generally a result of ability of having a good judgment, and good judgment is a result of taking decisions, independent of whether they were good or bad.