Do Prayers have healing powers? 

Do Prayers have healing powers?

Yes, definitely. This belief is made on the basis of strong scientific reason. A few researchers in America have taken certain patients at random and have concluded prayers do have healing powers. 

There is an old saying that when you are sick, the chance of recovery depends not only on the medicines administered, but also on your state of mind and willpower. We have heard several doctors say that though they are trying their best, the patient is not cooperating. If your will power/confidence level is low, no doctor will be able to save you though he administers the best medicine. After all, the medicines administered not only help to kill the antibodies in the system but also activate your cells, which fight the antibodies and give strength to your system to generate such cells at a faster rate. If your confidence level is low, it will be stumbling block for reactivating your system and producing the cells to fight the antibodies.

The magic of prayers

When your morale is very low, your confidence level is at its lowest ebb, you require a medium to pull it up.

Prayer/worship God, be it Shiva, Vishnu, Christ or Allah, serves as the medium and your confidence level is restored and with help of medicines you are able to fight the disease.

American researchers would agree that group prayers in silent mode or by chanting for the speedy recovery of a patient do generate positive vibrations and when such positive vibrations reach the patient, it definitely increases his or her confidence level/will power paving the way for his speedy recovery.