Develop Soft Skills to make a presence in Job Market 

You are highly qualified academically. However, you need to develop soft skills. In a recent survey of the job market conducted by the Haravard Business School, it was found that employers give 80 per cent weight age to soft skills and only 20 per cent to academic performance. This is because if you have done a professional course from a good institute it is expected that you are “technically” sound. However, it is “soft skills” that contribute to your success.

What then are these soft skills?

Heading the list is excellent communication skills. In fact, you can do a “reality check” by scanning career ads. You will find that most organizations look for people with good communication skills. The other desirable attributes are interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, creativity and ethical behavior.

Every city has institutes which run personality development programmes and also prepare you for group discussion and personal interviews. You may consider joining one of these after checking out their credentials. You should also read newspapers, magazines and books regularly to enhance you power of expression, knowledge and general awareness. Use may use online career guidance option of